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HL7 and TIE Training



HL7 and TIE specialists with many years of experience are available to give training in HL7 v2 and v3 and the tools that TIE offers for manipulating and routing HL7 messages and documents.  All students are issued a certificate of course completion and all courses are run by professionals who deal with HL7 on a daily basis. Training is normally performed remotely via teleconference and desktop sharing. Students complete and turn in the results of hands-on exercises. 


Here is a sample agenda for a remote training course offered in two-hour sessions over a period of 8 days:


Session 1 – The HL7 Standard


  • HL7 Overview


  • HL7 Structure


  • Three Main HL7 transaction types


  • Integration Challenges in Healthcare


Session 2 – TIE UI, Interface Building and HL7 Message Browsing


  • HL7 Review


  • Using the Knowledge Base in The Interface Engine (TIE)


  • Overview of Web Browser Interface


  • Viewing HL7 Messages in TIE


  • Setting up TCP/IP Interfaces


Session 3 – TIE Message Routing/Translation and Transmission Protocols:


  • Setting up File Interfaces:

  • Exercise (Guided Exercise – follow along with instructions):

    • Setting up Message Routing:

      • Video: How to Setup an Automatic Routing

      • Routing documentation (Conditional Routing.doc) – Discuss “Logical Evaluators”


Various exams will be given throughout


Sessions 4 & 5 & 6 – The TIE Development Environment and VB Script:


  • The Development Environment:


  • Scripting:


  • Exercise


  • Directly updating a SQL database:


  • VB Script programming Resources:


Sessions 7 & 8 – Clinical Documents in TIE


  • Overview of Clinical Document Architecture

    • HL7 Version 3 RIM Model

    • CCDA 2.0 and 2.1

    • CCD/CCR Requirements for HITECH Certification


  • Receiving and Parsing Clinical Documents


  • Routing Clinical Documents

    • Virtual Queues


  • Generating Clinical Documents

    • KScript

    • Accessing HL7 V2.x message content from KScript

    • SQL from KScript


  • Exercise: Create a CCD with a simple k-script from example database

To receive a free quote for any of your HL7 or TIE consulting and training needs, please call (504) 309-9103 or email:




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