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TIE Editions

TIE comes in several different editions so that we can best accommodate your needs.


All Editions have the same application features except as noted below. Note that editions may be purchased with or without CDA support. Editions purchased without CDA support will be missing most, but not all, CDA related features.




This is the full unrestricted version of TIE. It can support any number of interfaces, up to the amount feasible given the system resources available, and supports message exchange by COM/web services. The Enterprise Edition is the only Edition that supports running on a Windows Cluster.




This is a restricted version that will only support up to 10 active interfaces at a time, will not run on a Cluster, and will not exchange messages through COM/Web services.




A desktop application that includes the full TIE functionality. This is a must-have tool for use by application developers who are implementing either TIE v2 or CDA solutions, even when the solution will be implemented on other interface engines.


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