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HL7 Consulting

Dynamic Health IT offers both HL7 training and consulting!

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Developer Toolkit

All in one developer's toolkit for HL7 v2 and CDA document work

  •  Developer License US$ 500 Per License


Enterprise Service

Enterprise-ready interface engine, with HL7 v2 support

  •  Enterprise US$ 4,500 Per License

  •  Select 10 US$ 1,500 Per License


Add CDA & CCDA support

  •  Enterprise + CDA support US$ 9,500 Per License

  •  Select 10 + CDA support US$ 3,000 Per License


Get started today!


Pricing Notes

  • Licenses are valid for the life of the software.

  • See TIE Editions for details of how the various editions differ. The cost to upgrade from one edition to another is the difference between their current prices.


About Support

Dynamic Health IT offers support that is customized to meet your needs. Refer to Support and TIE Consulting Services for further information.

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