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Discover the TIE Product Suite

TIE is a fully featured Interface Engine that provides integration, delivery, and management services for both HL7 messages and CDA documents. TIE offers COM, web services and messaging based integration paths to offer maximum flexibility for Healthcare providers and vendors.


The COM library can be used in association with an TIE server, or as standalone provider of application services for TIE messaging, and CDA documents. The COM library offers services to read, write, send, receive, and manipulate messages and documents. The send and receive facilities are not available in stand-alone mode. The COM Library is free for use in stand-alone mode.



The TIE server facilitates easy management of multiple message and document feeds using a variety of network protocols and file formats. Messages or documents may be stored and/or forwarded, created validated or modified. Stored messages may be viewed, tabulated, edited, resent or downloaded.


The real power of TIE comes from the events that can be used to customize it’s behavior to solve your integration problems using VBScript, Javascript, C#, or any other COM-enabled language, along with the built in development environment where integration can be developed and tested.

Product Information

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