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TIE COM Library

TIE includes a COM library. The COM library offers a set of TIE v2 messaging and CDA document services that are useful for healthcare applications. The services include message/document:

  • Parsing

  • Encoding

  • Building

  • Scripting

  • Analysis


No license, either developer or run-time, is required to use the COM Library. It is free for any of kind of use. The COM library and a standalone COM Library installer is included in any installation of TIE, and can be installed separately.

Server Support

The TIE COM Library can be configured to connect to the TIE server at startup. In this mode, the COM Library offers an additional series of services that are extensions of the TIE server itself, most importantly including the ability to send and receive messages or documents. The server needs to have an Enterprise Edition License for this use.

In addition, the TIE Type Library includes a number of server side interface declarations. TIE users can implement these interfaces in any COM-capable language, and handle message/document sending/receiving and other TIE extensibility events in their own code.

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